Lighting, Fun, & More!

We offer a number of event enhancements like lighting, effects, photo booth and more.
Take a look below and see what we can do beyond music to make your event extra special and personalized. If you are interested in adding a service to your event, please contact us!

Lighting - Photo Booth - Dancing on a Cloud - Snow & Bubble Machines
  1. Uplighting
    Uplighting on the walls at The Arbor.
  2. Custom Monograms
    Custom Monograms
    Custom Monogram w/ Cake Pin Lighting at Villa di Felicita
  3. Pin Lighting
    Pin Lighting
    Pin Lighting highlights centerpieces, cakes, and tables so they are highly visible throughout the night.
  4. Photo Booth
    Photo Booth
    Open Air Photo Booth includes friendly attendant, props and signs, high quality prints, digital sharing, text sharing, and all photos from the event in an online gallery.
  5. Pattern Projection
    Pattern Projection
    Paisley pattern on the wall at Henderson Civic Center. Pin lighting on centerpieces and uplights on the walls.
  6. Dance Lighting Upgrades
    Dance Lighting Upgrades
    Upgrades for Dance and Stage Lighting
  7. Snow and Bubbles
    Snow and Bubbles
    Snow and Bubble Machines
  8. String Lighting
    String Lighting
    LED String Lighting