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Treat your guests to the best party in town! We have been entertaining Texas for many years and look forward to providing your party with the best service possible. With a CMB DJ your party will have experience, and entertaining music for all ages! 

With your booking, you'll also have premium quality sound, great dance lighting, and online access to party planners, and online requests!
Our party rates range from $350 to $1000 depending on your needs. For more info on what is included,submit a Info Request and we will get back to you! Or, just call or text our office! 903.630.7170
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  1. Photo Booth
    Our Photo Booth is a great interaction for guests at a party or event. Our booth offers standard or custom backdrop, Pictures Gifs or Videos, great props customized for your theme, and Social Sharing for guests to share their photos easily on social media.
  2. Music Video
    Music video is an exciting feature that will make your party or event stand out from the crowd. With a music video setup we can play the music videos of your favorite music. We have over 1,000 videos to mix from. Plus many more visuals to project. A 50" TV or a 11ft projection screen is available.
  3. Lighting
    Lighting can change the look of any room and add excitement to your dance floor. We have many different options to light up your venue and tie into the décor' theme for your event. Patterns, uplights, monograms, elevated truss systems with computerized lighting.....we have a huge arsenal of lighting to make your WOW!
  4. Interactive Dance Station
    Our Interactive Video System is an onscreen interaction for dancers. There are tons of visuals and even games that your guests can interact with. This is great for teen birthday parties. TV or video screen setups available.
  5. Online Requests
    We can setup online requests for your school event! This includes a custom web link making it simple for students to log on and requests their favorite dance songs before the dance! The list is viewable for administrators to review at all times.
  6. Decor Lighting
    Our awesome decor' lighting will add so much to your dance or prom theme! Patterns, textures, effects and more! Call us, and let's talk about your theme!